Name: Crystal
Age: 28
Any fertility problems before you started trying?: No
How many times have you been pregnant and what were the results of those pregnancies?: 2 times but only 1 birth
Have you ever had a cesarean?: no
Were you on birth control within a year prior to conception?:No
What kind of medications did you use and what were the dosages and days taken?: Follistim 50ui CD2-4 & 75ui CD5-10, Ovideral CD 11...Then Crinone aka progesterone Vaginal Supps after Pos HPT until week 10
Did you use OPK's, and if so, when did you get your first positive?: No
What days did you BD?: CD 11&12 with Preseed
How many DPO did you get your first positive test?: DPO 11 very faint DPO 12 stronger
What symptoms did you have, if any, prior to your positive test? None
Did you have an indicators of a multiple pregnancy before your ultrasound, such as high HCG levels?: HGC levels were very high. 3768 at 4 weeks 4 days.