how long have you been ttc? 13 months
how many clomid cycles have you done? one
which days did you take the clomid? cd 4-8
what dose did you take? 100mg
do you know which day you ovulated? cd 17 or 19 depending on what you believe for temps
which days did you bd or do IUI? The important ones were BD on cd 13, 15, 17 & 18
did you get a 7 dpo / cd 21 progesterone draw ? what was your number? yes but I haven't found out the results yet
when did you get your bfp? cd 9 or 11, again, depending on when I o'd, in the afternoon, fmu with first response cd 10 or 12 confirmed
side effects from the clomid? HOT FLASHES! Migraine, very dry down there
do you have a chart we can look at?
please come back and let us know if it was a single or multiple pregnancy! It's TWINS!