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Home Success Stories Twins - TTCTwins Member

How long have you been ttc? Of and on since January

How many clomid cycles have you done? 2 One in late January (did nothing) and then this one that WORKED

which days did you take the clomid? cd 3-7

What dose did you take? 50 mg for both cycles

Do you know which day you ovulated? Never got a + OPK, plus I don't think I was doing them at the right time!

Which days did you bd or do IUI? BD, CD's 8,10,11,12,14,16,18,20,21

Did you get a 7 dpo / cd 21 progesterone draw ? what was your number? No monitoring

When did you get your bfp? Faint line about 2 days before my scheduled period (Used a Dollar Tree test)

Side effects from the clomid? SUPER Intense cramping... hot flashes... kept me up at night...

Other helpful info: I have a family history of twins, I was also taking prenatal vitamins, plus extra folic acid.