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Home Supplements Tribulus

With fertility becoming a growing concern among many couples trying to conceive a baby, more and more couples are beginning to turn to alternative medicine to treat infertility. One herbal treatment for infertility that is increasing in popularity is tribulus.

What is tribulus?
Tribulus, more specifically known as tribulus terrestris, is a unique herb used for the treatment of infertility as it can be used to improve fertility in both men and women. Tribulus is used traditionally in the the treatment of fertility problems in borth men and women and its use is especially common in traditional Chinese medicine.

How does tribulus affect female fertility?
Studies conducted on the use of tribulus in anovulatory women indicated that over 60% of women began ovulating regularly after 2 to 3 months of tribulus supplementation. Additionally, women who had been suffering from ovulation issues while trying to conceive found themselves pregnant quite shortly after beginning supplementation with tribulus. Women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are likely to especially benefit from supplementation with tribulus.

How does tribulus affect male fertility?
Tribulus is believed to promote the production of DHEA in men, which can correct erectile dysfunction. Men who have anti-sperm antibodies may also benefit from the use of tribulus to promote fertility. A study conducted in Bulgaria showed an increase in conception of 61% among men with anti-sperm antibodies. Tribulus is also believed to improve sperm count and sperm motility which may increase the chances of conception.

What are the other benefits of tribulus?

Tribulus is also believed to reduce the numbers of cysts found on the ovaries, as well as to provide help to women suffering from irregular menstrual cycles.

What form is tribulus available in?
Tribulus is typically available in a vegetarian capsule and is taken like a pill according to directions on the package.