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Home Success Stories Twins - TTC Twins Member


Age: 29


Any fertility problems before you started trying?: NOPE

How many times have you been pregnant and what were the results of those pregnancies?: CURRENTLY ON MY 4TH PREGNANCY WITH MY 4&5TH CHILDREN

Have you ever had a cesarean?:

Were you on birth control within a year prior to conception?: YES - PILL

What kind of medications did you use and what were the dosages and days taken?: CLOMID 100MG 3-7, 112.5 iu GONAL F CD'S 8,9,10,11,13 & 5000IU TRIGGER CD16

Did you use OPK's, and if so, when did you get your first positive?: YES BUT TRIGGERED WITHOUT A +

What days did you BD?: 14,15,17,18,

How many DPO did you get your first positive test?: 9 ALTHOUGH I THOUGHT IT WAS AN EVAP IT WAS SOOOOOO BARELY THERE.

What symptoms did you have, if any, prior to your positive test? NONE

Did you have an indicators of a multiple pregnancy before your ultrasound, such as high HCG levels?: NOPE - GOT MY VET FRIEND TO SCAN ME @ 6 WEEKS AND SAW 2 SAC'S!!